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Cortney Fletcher With Ecombabe

eComBabe Cortney Fletcher founded eCom Babes, an online course that teaches students how to start and grow an eCommerce boutique. It is a 6-week program that includes worksheets, live Q&A coaching calls, and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Originally from Boston, Cortney grew up doing volunteer work that left her feeling inspired and fulfilled. This was a big motivation for her to become an entrepreneur.

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Cortney Fletcher was born in New England and grew up in a family that encouraged her to pursue a business career. She attended Phillips Exeter Academy throughout high school and volunteered for various non-profits that helped her feel inspired and fulfilled. She also got her first taste of network marketing in college, and this experience opened her eyes to the possibilities of building meaningful wealth to give back to her community.

After graduating high school, she enrolled in the University of Delaware to study Occupational Therapy. However, midway through her education, she realized that this wasn’t a field she was passionate about. Instead, she was going through the motions and had started drinking and partying, which wasn’t a good thing for her health or mental wellbeing.

Eventually, she dropped out of her university degree and began to pursue her passion for ecommerce. She soon started an online boutique called Transcend, which sells trendy jewelry and claims to generate daily revenues of up to $24,000.

However, there isn’t much information available about her online store and its profit margin, so we can’t be sure how profitable it really is. She also doesn’t disclose her net worth, so we can’t determine how much she makes from her eCommerce business or from her Ecom Babes course.

Her eCom Babes course teaches women how to start and grow an online boutique using Shopify dropshipping, which is a great way to make money online without having to spend any upfront cash on inventory or ads. The six-week digital course includes video lessons that teach you how to choose a profitable niche, build your website, and gain support on social media platforms.

She also teaches you how to set up your business, which can be a bit confusing without the right guidance. She also teaches you how to use Facebook Ads to promote your products and increase sales.

Her eCom Babes website also has an ad for her eCom Babes course, and it’s priced at $2,000, so I would guess that the majority of her net worth comes from her eCom Babes program and not her eCommerce store. Her eCom Babes course is a great place for women to get their feet wet and learn the basics of online marketing, so I recommend it to anyone looking to get started in ecommerce.

Cortney Fletcher has made a name for herself in the online retail world as the CEO of eCom Babes, a network of women who want to make a buck selling wares via the Internet. She is an expert in her field, having crafted an ecommerce strategy that has allowed over 6,000 women to achieve their dream of freedom and financial stability.

She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Phillips Exeter Academy all the way through high school. The academic experience, coupled with her volunteer work for a number of philanthropic organizations, left her feeling inspired and fulfilled.

After college, Cortney opted to follow in her family’s footsteps and headed to the University of Delaware where she studied Occupational Therapy. It was midway through her studies that she first became exposed to network marketing and the benefits it possesses. This led to a life change that is now her calling card.

She was able to use this knowledge to develop a successful online eCommerce store, one that is now generating thousands of orders per month and offering her the best in class income. The most notable part of the whole experience was that it did so without leaving her house, and she still enjoys that sweet financial security to this day!

Cortney Fletcher is the founder of eCom Babes, an online training course designed to help female entrepreneurs start and grow their own e-commerce store. She is also a philanthropic activist who helps the disadvantaged through volunteer work. Her rags-to-riches story has gained a lot of attention.

She started her business after a break from college, and it has turned into an eCommerce empire that generates daily revenues of $24,000. The majority of her net worth comes from selling her eCom Babes course, but she also has a retail store called Transcend.

Ecom Babes is a 6-week digital course that teaches women how to build an online boutique using Shopify dropshipping. The course offers high-quality video content and is a good way for beginners to get started in ecommerce.

The first week covers the basics of creating an e-commerce website. It includes things like choosing a domain name, choosing a theme, adding products, and setting up a Facebook and Instagram account. It’s an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach that works well for beginners.

Next, the course introduces a few different e-commerce strategies, including affiliate marketing and Facebook advertising. It also covers email marketing, which is a great topic to cover for a beginner entrepreneur.

One of the biggest topics is learning how to find quality affiliates and partner with them to increase your sales. This is a valuable skill that can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Another section of the course teaches you how to upload ads to your store, and how to scale your business once it’s up and running. These lessons are also helpful for seasoned e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach.

eCom Babes also has a Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive support from other women. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, you can join the group and interact with other members to learn from their experiences. In addition, eCom Babes hosts weekly Q&A calls with Cortney Fletcher and other experts in the field.

Cortney Fletcher is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own eCom store. She has a lot of experience in the eCom industry and has built a seven-figure eCommerce business. She has also developed an online community called eCom Babes, where she offers tools and resources for women who want to become entrepreneurs.

Cortney’s eCom Babes course is designed to teach women how to start their own ecommerce store and build a customer base. The course provides a step-by-step guide to help women set up their store and market it successfully. It includes training videos, a private Facebook group, and mentoring from Cortney Fletcher herself.

In the eCom Babes course, you’ll learn how to set up an eCommerce store, dropship products, and run a Facebook campaign to promote your shop. The program is a great way to start an online store from scratch and earn a living while you’re at it. It’s easy to follow and includes video tutorials that make it a great option for beginners.

There are three modules in the eCom Babes course: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. The first module is a detailed introduction to e-commerce. It explains the benefits of e-commerce, how to use dropshipping to get started with little risk, and the importance of selecting a niche.

The second module is about marketing your eCommerce business. It teaches you how to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to gain new customers. It also discusses the importance of using customer data to attract more customers and retain them.

This is a huge part of building an e-commerce business, and it’s one of the most important things you need to do in order to get off the ground. It’s a time-consuming task, but it’s worth it.

The third module is about gaining a customer base for your shop. It covers how to use social media to get your name out there, as well as how to create a Facebook and Instagram account for your store. It’s a good way to gain new clients, and it’s something that many e-commerce businesses don’t do enough of.